Employment Law

Why choose 360 Business Law for employment matters?

Any business that employs staff should know the importance of keeping up to date with employment legislation. However, with pressure piling up and a growing list of responsibilities to take into account, it’s easy for business owners to trip up in the ever-changing world of employment law.
At 360 Business Law, our aim is to help your company thrive. Part of this involves ensuring that your business is compliant at all times – not only to ensure your staff are satisfied, but also to minimise the risk of a potential dispute. Choosing to work with us will guarantee you a team of specialist employment lawyers who will be at hand to tackle the day-to-day challenges of running a successful business.

At 360 Business Law, we’ve built a reputation for delivering a service that’s fresh, innovative and completely bespoke to your business needs.

As part of our service, we offer support to businesses large and small seeking assistance negotiating the complexities of employment law. The first step towards success is to get to know you and how your business operates. From your practical requirements to your commercial objectives, the solutions we provide are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients. No two businesses are alike, so gaining an understanding of your dynamic and workforce will help our employment lawyers to best assist you through the most challenging legal issues.

How can our employment lawyers help you?

Even for seasoned business professionals, employment law can seem like a legal minefield due to its constantly developing nature. Business owners, managers and CEOs alike will know that even the smallest employment law issues can become disruptive and time consuming. That’s why we work to devise robust prevention strategies for our clients; not only identifying updates in legislation, but working closely with you to determine which policies, procedures or practices need improving before it’s too late.

Where an employment issue has escalated to a tribunal, our team of accomplished employment lawyers will be available to provide strategic advice and skillful representation at the drop of a hat. Protecting your interests is our priority, and if we can do so with minimal time and costs involved, all the better.

What can our employment lawyers help you with?

Whether your business seeks on-going support addressing employment matters or one-off advice through a current legal issue you are facing, you can count on us. As well as technical knowledge and business acumen, our employment lawyers have significant experience handling a range of matters both simple and complex. As part of our service, we can advise you through the following:

Contracts of employment

When an employee starts in a new role, it’s your responsibility as their employer to provide them with a comprehensive contract of employment. While this isn’t a legal requirement, having a detailed document stating the rights and responsibilities of an employee is invaluable in protecting your business from any potential claims or disputes against you. Any mistakes within the contract or grey areas that could be open to interpretation will create a greater risk of your business facing a claim. As specialists in HR, it’s our duty as employment lawyers to look after your business and ensure that the contracts you provide to your staff are clear, thorough and take all restrictive covenants into account.

Human resources and employment policies

As well as keeping updated with the ever-changing world of employment legislation, dealing with everyday HR issues such as grievances, sickness and maternity leave can easily become time consuming and disruptive for a business owner. At 360 Business Law, we offer up-to-date policies, support and advice on employee management, actively promoting solutions that meet the needs of your staff and your business.


If your business is considering making some cut backs to your workforce; our team of specialist employment lawyers could help you through the process with ease. When dealing with the complex issue of redundancy, caution must be taken to ensure that your business does not run the risk of facing an employment claim. Employment tribunals can be costly both financially and in time, so it’s vital that you follow the correct procedure and comply with legislation. 360 Business Law comprises of employment law experts whose duty it is to advise you through redundancies from start to finish; assisting you with employee consultation, negotiation of settlement agreements and preventing potentially costly employment law claims.

Disciplinaries and dismissals

Taking disciplinary action against an employee may not be an enjoyable task, but it can be necessary in upholding standards of conduct, attendance and performance in the workplace. However, no matter how it’s handled, raising issues regarding misconduct to an employee will always be challenging from a HR perspective. Our employment lawyers are qualified and experienced in assisting businesses of all sizes to follow fair disciplinary procedures, and can provide tailored advice on warnings, suspensions, disciplinaries and dismissals to minimise the risk of legal disputes.

Employment tribunals

When a legal matter with an employee escalates beyond negotiation, your business may be faced with the prospect of an employment tribunal. Where the claim regards the employee’s dismissal from your company, reaching an agreement can be complicated and emotional, as the outcome impacts the employee’s livelihood as well as your business. At 360 Business Law, our employment lawyers have the experience and skill necessary to protect your commercial and practical interests with on-going legal support and representation throughout the tribunal.

TUPE business transfers

If your business is being bought or sold, the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulation (also known as TUPE) will apply. This legislation ensures that your employees are able to transfer to another business under the same terms in their current contract. However, if the correct procedures are not followed, your business could find itself facing an unfair dismissal claim. In order to correctly implement TUPE for your employees, speak to our specialist employment lawyers to gain professional assistance and practical advice.

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