Corporate Law

360 Business Law was established with one goal in mind: to help businesses of all sizes to reduce trading risk and increase profitability.

We specialise in providing fast, cost-effective corporate legal services to all businesses from start-up to established businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA and the people who run them, as well as accountants and solicitors. Whether it’s a simple or complex share restructure, or a shareholders’ agreement, we provide a tailored service to suit your needs and your pocket.

Known for our technical knowledge and significant business acumen, our team of specialist corporate lawyers are best positioned to guide you through the legal challenges involved with running a successful business. We provide legal advice on a broad spectrum of corporate and commercial issues, across a wide spectrum of specialisations. Our reputation has been built on our ability to understand clients’ businesses and their goals whilst providing practical solutions that bring value to the business.

We have particular expertise in company and domestic, international and cross-border business sales and purchases, joint ventures, management buy-outs, company financing and restructuring, venture capital investment, partnership and shareholder issues and agreements.

How can our corporate lawyers help you?

Responding to growing demand, 360 Business Law was founded to provide a legal service for businesses that combines the intricate knowledge of experts with a flexible, customer-centric approach. Rather than just talk the talk, our corporate lawyers set out to help businesses thrive by demystifying complex legal concepts and finding solutions to the everyday challenges that they face. That’s why when you work with us; you can expect nothing less than absolute dedication to your company.

The first step to success will be to gain a thorough understanding of your business, from your practical requirements and team dynamics, to your commercial ambitions. The more we know you, the better we can advise you through your critical business decisions and everyday issues.

Once we understand your business needs, we’ll be in a position to deliver tailored legal advice at the drop of a hat.

Businesses feel comfortable instructing our corporate lawyers due to our supportive nature: we’re always honest, upfront and clear in communication from day one. We know that the last thing your company needs is even more complication in the form of legal jargon and confusing documents. Our approach is different. We provide our clients with a trusted advisor whose relevant business acumen and technical skill can help drive your company forward and keep you compliant as well as easing any concerns you may have along the way.

As your dedicated corporate lawyers, our duty is to ensure that the legal foundations of your business are solid and sound. As well as implementing efficient prevention strategies, you can guarantee that any issues that arise will be properly addressed and dealt with efficiently. Our priority is to protect your interests and promote growth; whether it is as a one-off or on an on-going basis.

Our corporate lawyers are equipped with a wealth of expertise within business law, boasting specialist skills across the sector and experience working within a range of industries. From administrative duties to critical financial decisions, you can see us as the legal safety net to your business. Some of the services we offer include:

Company secretarial services

At 360 Business Law, we’ve built a reputation for delivering the legal support that business owners need in order to thrive. Part of the service we offer involves assisting businesses through secretarial duties to ensure that all company records and filings are maintained and the requirements of the Companies Act are adhered to. If you’re a new business, our corporate lawyers will help you with company formation, structuring and registration. If you’re a well-established company, your dedicated corporate lawyer can provide a comprehensive secretarial service and keep you up to date with changes to legislation as they occur.

Business sale and acquisitions

If your business has decided to acquire, sell or merge with another company, you’ll know that it’s not a decision you should take lightly. It’s vital to ensure that the deal is structured in a way that benefits you and achieves your objectives as efficiently as possible. Our corporate lawyers have the experience necessary to be able to guide you through a business transaction with ease, identifying potential issues early enough to strategically work around them. We’ll also be around to help you negotiate the terms of the deal, working hard to protect your interests from start to finish.

Corporate governance and compliance

Corporate governance is the combination of legal regulation, operations and business relationships. If implemented correctly, a strong corporate governance system paves the way for more efficient business decisions as well as increased productivity and operational stability. At 360 Business Law, our corporate lawyers have extensive experience in guiding businesses through the compliance maze. From senior management to directors and shareholders of both public and private companies, we’ve advised a vast amount of clients on their obligations within the corporate governance framework and helped to develop their practices accordingly.

Directors duties

In the last few years, new legislation has been put in place to prevent company directors from acting irresponsibly. The legislation sets out, for the first time, the duties owed by directors to companies, their shareholders and to the broader community, and to impose heavy burdens on company directors who are determined to have acted irresponsibly. 360 Business Law has a wealth of experience in advising on matters relating to company directors and the way they conduct the affairs of the company, including drafting directors service agreements. We are also experienced in advising individual directors with the interpretation and application of their duties.

Shareholders agreements

Where there are two or more shareholders in a limited company, that company should have a shareholder’s agreement in place, and the cost of drafting one may be significantly less than you think – in some cases just a few hundred pounds.  In the absence of a shareholder’s agreement, the shareholders must rely on the company’s Articles of Association to regulate their relationship with each other and with the company.  Whilst the Articles of Association govern fundamental matters such as the issue of new shares and board meetings, they are unlikely to influence the day-to-day running of the business, or many of the issues that shareholders care about personally. For example – what happens if a shareholder wishes to leave the company; or if some of the shareholders wish to remove or buy out others.

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