Commercial Law

At 360 Business Law, our commercial lawyers are dedicated to driving your business forward.

Commercial law covers a wide range of legal skillsets and is the body of law that regulates the rights, relations, and conduct of persons and businesses engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales.

We act for businesses all types from start-up to established businesses in the UK, Europe and the USA in a multitude of industrial and commercial sectors. We draft and negotiate robust and effective business contracts for our clients, from standard business terms to sophisticated large scale international trading agreements.

We believe in writing clear legally compliant contracts in plain English. Gone are the days where lawyers need to hide crucial terms under archaic legal jargon, which in fact can be dangerous as all parts of a business need to understand the terms to implement the contract.

Contracts need to be balanced and acceptable to your trading partners so that you can spend less time arguing terms and more time actually doing the business that earns you revenue. Many of our commercial lawyers have come from in-house positions and have spent many years helping sales teams conclude contracts on-time, especially at month and quarter ends. We appreciate how critical it is to conclude negotiations expeditiously to get revenue booked.

The quality of legal support you receive in making critical contractual decisions that can make or break your business, paving the way for increased risk or opportunity. Our priority is to ensure your business is protected from potential problems that could cost you in time as well as money.

How can our commercial lawyers help you?

When you work with 360 Business Law, you’ll notice the difference. Our unique business model is designed to fit as an invaluable addition to companies of all sizes, with a team of accomplished lawyers ready to advise you across the entire scope of commercial matters.

Every business owner shares the same goal: to increase the profitability of their company. Whether you’re just getting off the ground or long established, you will need a well-grounded strategy in place before you can achieve your objectives. The first step towards success is to seek specialist advice from an accomplished commercial lawyer. Choosing 360 Business Law will guarantee you a team of experts at hand to advise you across a range of commercial issues and ideas

In order to devise bespoke solutions that meet your needs and promote growth, it’s essential for our commercial lawyers to get to know you and your business. No two businesses are alike, so gaining an understanding of your commercial ambitions and practical requirements is vital for us to provide you with strategic business advice that’s tailored to your individual needs. Once we feel fully engaged with your business, we will be in a position to start delivering constructive advice and legal support – either on an on-going basis, or as a one-off.

At 360 Business Law, we believe that the sky is the limit when it comes to growing a business. Our commercial lawyers are passionate about working with likeminded professionals through new ventures, identifying potential risks and ensuring that no stone is left unturned in essential documentation.

Contracts are at the heart of every business, and are vital in setting out the way in which your company deals with customers and suppliers. In order for your company to see a steady cash flow, it’s your responsibility to ensure that each party knows exactly what is expected from them as part of a deal. Be it a director, shareholder, supplier or consumer, the terms of their contract should leave no room for interpretation. With vast experience in what can often be a complex area of law, our commercial lawyers are here to ensure that you are protected in each sale or purchase your company makes.

A well-drafted contract can protect your company from the costs, time and damage to reputation that can ensue from a business dispute. Being thorough is what we’re good at, so you can rely on our commercial lawyers to protect your interests at all costs. At 360 Business Law, we have a team dedicated to commercial contracts and can assist you through the following:

Sale and supply of goods and services

Whether you’re sourcing supplies or selling to your customers, your business will benefit from having a clear, contractual framework in place to ensure that your interests are protected at all times. Moving forward, it’s these contracts that will be the base of your business relationships, providing clarity for all parties to understand their responsibilities. At 360 Business Law, our commercial lawyers are highly skilled in negotiating and drafting contracts and agreements, providing expert advice and support throughout the process to ensure you are protected from potential disputes or disagreements somewhere down the line.


If executed correctly, franchising can allow your business to grow and expand to new markets, increasing profitability and creating opportunities for everyone involved. However, if you fail to meet standards or identify legal and financial risks early, it’s likely to have a domino effect on your franchisees and ultimately damage your commercial reputation. In order to ensure that you see a return on your investment, we recommend seeking advice from a qualified professional. At 360 Business Law, our commercial lawyers are experienced in providing strategic advice regarding the pros and cons of franchising, helping businesses to identify the obligations, opportunities and risks before diving into a decision. Our expertise allows us to advise both franchisors and franchisees through agreements, disputes, payment and compliance issues.

Intellectual property

Your business’ intellectual property is its’ most valuable asset. It’s the unique value that you bring to the market, and therefore, protecting it should be your top priority. At 360 Business Law, we have an extremely qualified team of expert commercial lawyers ready to assist you in protection of your intellectual property rights. Whether you’re a budding young business or a multi-national corporation, we can advise you across all areas of IP law – from brand management to licensing and design rights, we’re here to help you.

Design, sourcing and manufacturing

At 360 Business Law, our specialist commercial lawyers are passionate about helping businesses throughout the product life cycle. Our clients range in size and industry, and the advice we provide will always be tailored to fit your needs and objectives. From the formation of joint ventures and joint manufacturing to co-development arrangements, our legal support and strategic advice allows our clients to form strong supply chains that will eventually become the foundation of their business.

Data, GDPR, privacy and cyber security

The vast evolution of technology over the last decade has brought with it a growing risk surrounding online privacy and security. Legislation surrounding cyber security has greatly increased alongside developments in IT, and privacy law as a whole is in a constant state of flux. With a team of expert commercial lawyers on board, 360 Business Law are here to ensure your business stays compliant with relevant data protection legislation, keeping you up to date with privacy policies and advising you through security related claims and disputes.

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