Commercial IT & Telecoms

Commercial success in the competitive landscape of telecommunications demands a deep understanding of the challenges and risks associated with industry. Gaining specialist advice from experts in both business and IT law can help to steer you through the legal minefield on a day-to-day basis and turn regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage.

At 360 Business Law, we provide comprehensive legal support to Telco’s across a wide range of issues such as outsourcing deals, intellectual property rights and data protection. Well known for providing a tailored and personable approach, our IT & Telecoms team always take the time to understand your unique ambitions to devise solutions that complement your business strategy.

How can we help?

Should you seek assistance in navigating an unpredictable regulatory landscape or guidance through the complexities of IT contracts, intellectual property issues or high-level corporate ventures, you can lean on our lawyers and the expertise they have accumulated in this fast-paced field.

While we may boast deep industry insight, we’re also proud to offer our telecommunications clients a fresh perspective and proactive advice in using the law to their advantage. Having worked with a range of companies in the sector, you can look to the team at 360 Business Law as a safe pair of hands ready to help you in achieving your commercial objectives.

Commercial IT & Telecoms Law Explained

Due to the fast pace at which technology is evolving, developments to the laws surrounding commercial IT & telecommunications have become necessary in governing the way organisations use new tools and access information.

Businesses in the IT and Telecoms sector stand at the forefront of these technological developments, facilitating connectivity either through their own platforms or those of partner companies. As a result, communications providers face a unique set of challenges demanding expert legal guidance throughout the commercial life cycle.

In many cases, this will include significant transformational change: corporate restricting, mergers and acquisitions. In others, it will focus primarily on the protection of intellectual property and the contractual elements surrounding new technology. In any case, businesses in this aggressive and affluent marketplace require specialist advice in devising effective governance, risk and compliance frameworks.

Our team don’t just boast technical expertise in the law – they also bring industry experience and a breadth of knowledge surrounding the business and market conditions. Our particular strength in corporate compliance allows us to minimise risk and steer your business to success.

We advise our clients on a range of commercial, financial and operational issues

– Agreements on new business
– Corporate transactions (M&A)
– Contractual work for new projects
– Licensing & Intellectual Property rights
– Distribution
– Completing due diligence checks on partners & suppliers
– Preparing and reviewing draft agreements

– Protection clauses
– Rights and obligations of both parties
– Strategic advice on governance, risk and compliance frameworks
– Contractual frameworks surrounding emerging technology & open source software
– Contract disputes
– Employment matters

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