I just have a problem and need a solution

So you have an issue – whether it is with your current provider or it’s the first time you have needed legal assistance. Our team of experts will support you and talk you through the process from one off pieces of work to moving across a large volume of work from another firm.

How we help

360 Business Law understand that some companies won’t want to subscribe to our industry-leading subscription legal services model and only require legal advice now and then to provide a solution to a problem that they are experiencing or to assist on a project.

Whatever the problem or project we can help

Our lawyers come from a variety of backgrounds, some having practiced in major international law firms; others having gained their experience working as in-house counsel in a diverse range of business and industry sectors, ranging from SME’s through to Stock Exchange listed companies.

One thing all our lawyers have in common is a love of the law, a passion to assist others and a belief that businesses of all shapes and sizes should have access to quality legal advice and services at a fair rate.

How we charge for ad-hoc work

Flexibility in charging is key at 360 Business Law.

In order to determine the scope of the problem or project we will discuss the case in detail, evaluate its complexity and propose the best way forward. We are very flexible in our charging structures and can work on a fixed fee, retainer or hourly rate basis. 

Where we undertake work overseas we operate on a fixed hourly rate basis, and although rates do vary from country to country, you will always find them to be highly competitive.

Standard of service

Whatever way you choose to work with us, you can be assured of one thing - you will always receive high-quality legal services from qualified lawyers with over 5 years post qualifying experience, and the same high level of customer service whether it be on a subscription or hourly rate basis.  

Register your interest

Why not give us a call you will be surprised just how little it would cost you for complete peace of mind, simply fill out our enquiry form or call us on 01276 804432 to speak with us directly.