Our People

When 360 Business Law was established, our drive was innovation.

We saw businesses large and small paying a significant sum for the legal expertise of a single lawyer, relying on one individual to deliver results across the entire spectrum of business law. We knew there was another way: a way for businesses to truly gain value for their money and rely on the knowledge of many, rather than few.

So, we set out to provide a service to UK businesses and their overseas subsidiaries that was second to none at a fraction of the price they would usually expect to pay.

In order to achieve this, we would have to pull together some of the industry’s leading experts across all areas of business law to form teams across the globe.

So, that’s exactly what we did.

Today, our global network spans a vast horizon. We are now proud to have specialist corporate, commercial and employment lawyers on board throughout all jurisdictions in Europe, USA, Australia, Middle-East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and China. If that wasn’t enough, we aim to expand and add to these locations as demand dictates. The best news of all is their work falls within our fixed price legal services model.

At 360 Business Law, we believe that quantity and quality can go hand in hand. That means you can guarantee an outstanding service, no matter where your business is located or which of our teams you work with.

In order to deliver bespoke advice of the highest calibre, we have hand-selected the lawyers we believe have the ability to make a difference to your business. Our lawyers each boast a minimum of 5 years in post-qualification experience, with some having practised in the field for over 20 years. It isn’t a matter of selecting the right lawyer within our company, because each and every member of our team has the specialist knowledge necessary to tackle the most complex commercial challenges.

When you choose to work with us, your business will benefit from the collaboration of our well-seasoned professionals whose passion and priority it is to see you succeed.

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